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Welcome to the whole new world of hancraftedcollection. we do it with passion!

It all started with creating products with a different point of view, to present artistic and handcrafted art into metal products of day to day use. Things and artwork we liked but never saw them on door furniture and other products.


Taking a cue from the decorative and artistic pieces we at thehandcrafted collection have tried to blend the handcrafted art into hardware and created unique hardware products with a clear resin coating which is durable and long lasting as compared to traditional hardware epoxy based coatings. It has been a long journey of trials and errors but the final result is marvellous and we produdly present a whole new range of handcrafted hardware products.


All our designs are inspired from the intricate hand work and fit for a connoisseur of high quality work. 


We at handcrafted collection have tried to crate unique concepts to hardware which can be coloured differently to match any interiors unlike the boring old finishes and can enlighten any interior.


we value your opinion and would request you to please send us your valued comments and suggestions to improve our collection. 


Floor Registers

Hand Forged Iron Hardware

Hand Forged Iron Hardware

Handle on Plate19_.jpg

Hand Forged Door Hardware

Handcrafted Metal Door Sets

Hancrafted Metal Sets

Handcrafted Collection of Door Knobs

Hancrafted Knobs

Handcrafted Collection of Door Handles

Hancrafted Lever on Rose

Handcrafted Hooks Collection

Hancrafted Hooks

Handcrafted Door Sets

Hancrafted Door Sets

Handcrafted Collection of Door Knockers

Hancrafted Door


Handcrafted Collection of Cabinet Knobs

Hancrafted Cabinet Knobs

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